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rogue, spot and search

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rogue, spot and search

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:45 pm

for a trap monkey type build is spot really needed compared to a higher search?
as in can a trap monkey find trap's without haveing spot?

spot is a spidey sense type thing correct?
or is it a best for ranger types to have it? due to being and haveing need to see things at long range.
If you absolutely know where the boxes are in every quest, spot is not all that useful... but then, rogue gets a million skill points per level, what would you put it in if not spot?
search is more important than spot for sure
Spot is nice to have if you don't know the quest and where the traps/boxes are located. Having a spot is meaningless however if your search isn't high enough to find the trap. Max search and disable and put points in spot if you want.
Search is more important than Spot for a Rogue.
If you cannot Search out a Trap you cannot Disable the Trap.
Yes, Spot is like a "spider sense" kind of thing. It generally has a lower threshold thus needs a lower number than Search.
Plus, even if you're in a quest for the first time and don't have anyone else in the party who knows where the traps are, you can still evade/avoid them even if you trigger them.
Without sufficient Search you won't find the Trap Box and there goes your Bonus XP (and in some cases you actually do want to disable the trap so that a squishy character can get through on Elite).
The game uses your Spot skill for 3 things IIRC.

1. Determining if you are worthy of getting a warning when there's a trap in your area
2. Detecting sneaking mobs that are around you.
3. DM text alerting you to something special in your area, normally for ambiance.

The zerging party member is an excellant substitute for Spot when it comes to getting a warning of a trap in your area. Just disregard the a-hole who yells at you for not warning them. I've found that that type won't listen when you do warn them anyway, so just say "I did warn you, but you ignored me".
I agree with one of the other responders, what are you going to put points into instead of Spot? Sure, there are other options but Rogues do get a lot of points.

Also don't forget that Spot is useful for seeing the outlines of hidden mobs. A low spot means you have to wait for the first person to hit it (or for it to hit you) before you can target it. It could be helpful for assassinating things, for instance, or even just for a sneak attack. Alternately, if you are the only one who can see it, you can always just hit it with an arrow or something so the caster can PK it when it is visible.

Plus, you never know when the devs are going to come to work all hung over, or otherwise cranky, and say, 'Hey, why don't we move all the traps around in the next mod?'
If you are a pure rogue (other then flavorful type pure rogue) should get spot, you have lots of skill points. Not a lot are that usful , just to say what the others did. It provides you the ability to see stealthed mobs , gives you early warning on traps , If a trap is 'fixed' location and 'random box location' it will make your life easier to find that trap box. Search's DC is the same as your Spot for a large chunk of the traps and odds are your search will be higher then spot anyways.


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