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Rogue assassin how,s this work.

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Rogue assassin how,s this work.

Post  Guest on Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:12 pm

So my toon Nightlling 12 lvl Dark Blade has assassin 1&2 but not sure how to use this skill any pointers??


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Re: Rogue assassin how,s this work.

Post  Vodkha on Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:33 am

You need to be
A) not targeted by the enemy so either he hasnt noticed you yet, attacking a party member or you've bluffed/diplo'ed him so your not currently his point of attack.
B) In sneak mode
C) if a + b are set then you can use the assasinate button which makes your next attack vorpal. Diff for success is 10 + int mod + rogue lvl, so decent base int+ a int item is a must to have any real chance of success.

The attack wont work on red named boss's but jsut about everything else but if it has more than 1000(think thats right) hp at the time the attack will only do a damage boost rather than instakill.

If you dual wield and have the relevant feats for TWF their is a chance for a doublestrike i think which gives u two assasinations for the price of one.

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Tyrs DDO Chapter Officer

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Re: Rogue assassin how,s this work.

Post  bhgiant on Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:53 pm

I feel I must correct a few things (sorry Vodka).

The Assassinate II ability is not a vorpal effect and not subject to the 1000hp limit. It will kill any living target you can sneak attack as long as they fail a fortitude save (so no undead, fortification will block it etc). This means Orange named bosses and even epic mobs. Yes, epic mobs.

You get two chances to Assassinate. Even without TWF and even when wielding a shield and a weapon or just one weapon, you will get two chances as long as you are equipping a relevant weapon (not a scroll or a crossbow etc). If you take the opportunist feat, you have a 3% chance of doublestriking with the main hand for 3 Assassination attempts. If there is one mob and the ability fails, you will get a second attempt to kill the mob. If there are multiple mobs, position yourself so that you are between but facing two of them and you get one attempt on each of them. The second attempt happens about .5 seconds after the first so if there are two mobs spaced a bit away from each other, you could hit Assassinate while facing one and then quickly sneak to the other and make it work but it's difficult to do.

Assassinate does not break sneak but if there are additional mobs nearby, they will notice you (which is lame but whatever).

The hit box on Assassinate is pretty wide, much wider than a normal attack. In other words, you don't have to be standing RIGHT next to a mob to Assassinate it. I wish I had a SS of this to make it more clear but basically, if there are two mobs that are spaced about two character widths away from each other, you can get between them, hit Assassinate, and kill them both.

You can use the Assassinate ability to break boxes. This is useful for sneaky quests because will draw mobs to the broken box and away from a door that you need to pass through for example.

Bluff will not break sneak. This is VITAL. One of my favorite things to do to a room full of mobs is to target one, move around the corner, bluff it to me while sneaking backwards, Assassinate it, rinse repeat. You can even bluff through walls, doors etc to make it easier to get out of the line of sight of the rest of the mobs. Do not bluff casters or archer however as they will just stand their and cast/shoot at you unless you can get around a wall in which case they will move around the corner and THEN shoot at you.

If you are going to make heavy use of it, I have a few suggestions. Take Improved Sneak Enhancement to at least tier II to get to your target faster. Permanently equip a Feather Fall item. When you see a mob, run toward the mob, jump, and then hit sneak while in the air and still out of "notice" range of the mob. This isn't strictly necessary but you will float for half of the distance and so it reduces the time it takes you to get to the mob by quite a bit.

Assassination is incredibly viable as a quick kill the casters/archers mechanism. The party runs in, you run in just a little behind the Barbarian. You jump/sneak/featherfall and get between two casters/archers.

If you blind a mob, it can be assassinated even if you have it's "aggro". Works great on Orange names.

If you have any other questions, let me know. A Rogue Assassin was my very first toon, my first toon to 20, and is the only toon I have TR'd. I'd be happy to help.

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Re: Rogue assassin how,s this work.

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