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Complete list of Vendor Scroll Purchase Locations

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Complete list of Vendor Scroll Purchase Locations

Post  Commodore on Sat May 19, 2012 7:41 pm

Complete list of Vendor Scroll Purchase Locations:
M = Marketplace, J = House Jorasco, P = House Phiarlin, H = Portable Hole

Level 1 (27)
Acid Spray [M, H]
Burning Hands [M, H]
Cause Fear [M, H]
Charm Person [M, H]
Chill Touch [M, H]
Detect Secret Doors [M, H]
Expeditious Retreat [M, H]
Feather Fall [M, H]
Grease [M, H]
Hypnotism [M, H]
Jump [M, H]
Mage Armor [M, H]
Magic Missile [M, H]
Master's Touch [H]
Merfolk's Blessing [M, H]
Niac's Cold Ray [M, H]
Nightshield [M, H]
Obscuring Mist [M, H]
Protection from Evil [M, H]
Ray of Enfeeblement [M, H]
Repair Light Damage [M, H]
Shield [M, H]
Shocking Grasp [M, H]
Sleep [M, H]
Sonic Blast [M, H]
Summon Monster I [M, H]
Tumble [M, H]

Level 2 (34)
Bear's Endurance [M, H]
Blindness [M, H]
Blur [M, H]
Bull's Strength [M, H]
Cat's Grace [M, H]
Command Undead [M, H]
Daze Monster [M, H]
Eagle's Splendor [M, H]
Electric Loop [M, H]
False Life [M, H]
Flaming Sphere [M, H]
Fog Cloud [M, H]
Fox's Cunning [M, H]
Ghoul Touch [M, H]
Glitterdust [M, H]
Gust of Wind [M, H]
Hypnotic Pattern [M, H]
Invisibility [M, H]
Knock [M, H]
Melf's Acid Arrow [M, H]
Ooze Puppet [M, H]
Otto's Resistible Dance [M, H]
Owl's Wisdom [M, H]
Repair Moderate Damage [M, H]
Resist Energy [M, H]
Scare [M, H]
Scorch [M, H]
Scorching Ray [M, H]
See Invisibility [M, H]
Snowball Swarm [M, H]
Spawn Screen [M, H]
Summon Monster II [M, H]
Touch of Idiocy [M, H]
Web [M, H]

Level 3 (24)

Acid Blast [P, H]
Chain Missiles [P, H]
Deep Slumber [P, H]
Dispel Magic [P, H]
Displacement [P, H]
Fireball [P, H]
Flame Arrow [P, H]
Frost Lance [P, H]
Halt Undead [H]
Haste [P, H]
Heroism [P, H]
Hold Person [P, H]
Lightning Bolt [P, H]
Magic Circle Against Evil [P, H]
Protection from Energy [P, H]
Rage [P, H]
Ray of Exhaustion [P, H]
Repair Serious Damage [P, H]
Sleet Storm [P, H]
Slow [P, H]
Stinking Cloud [P, H]
Suggestion [P, H]
Summon Monster III [P, H]
Water Breathing [P, H]

Level 4 (20)
Acid Rain [J, H]
Bestow Curse [J, H]
Burning Blood [J, H]
Charm Monster [J, H]
Contagion [J, H]
Crushing Despair [J, H]
Enervation [J, H]
Fear [J, H]
Fire Shield [J, H]
Fire Trap [J, H]
Force Missiles [J, H]
Ice Storm [J, H]
Lesser Globe of Invulnerability [J, H]
Phantasmal Killer [J, H]
Remove Curse [J, H]
Repair Critical Damage [J, H]
Shout [J, H]
Stoneskin [J, H]
Summon Monster IV [J, H]

Level 5 (15)
Ball Lightning [J, H]
Break Enchantment [J, H]
Cone of Cold [J, H]
Cyclonic Blast [J, H]
Dismissal [J, H]
Dominate Person [J, H]
Feeblemind [J, H]
Hold Monster [J, H]
Mind Fog [J, H]
Prismatic Ray [H]
Protection from Elements [H]
Repair Light Damage, Mass [J, H]
Summon Monster V [J, H]
Teleport [J, H]
Waves of Fatigue [J, H]

Level 6 (23)

Bear's Endurance, Mass [P, H]
Bull's Strength, Mass [P, H]
Cat's Grace, Mass [P, H]
Chain Lightning [P, H]
Circle of Death [P, H]
Disintegrate [P, H]
Eagle's Splendor, Mass [P, H]
Flesh to Stone [P, H]
Fox's Cunning, Mass [P, H]
Globe of Invulnerability [P, H]
Greater Dispel Magic [P, H]
Greater Heroism [P, H]
Mass Suggestion [P, H]
Otiluke's Freezing Sphere [P, H]
Owl's Wisdom, Mass [P, H]
Reconstruct [P, H]
Repair Moderate Damage, Mass [P, H]
Shadow Walk [P, H]
Stone to Flesh [P, H]
Summon Monster VI [P, H]
Tenser's Transformation [P, H]
True Seeing [P, H]
Undeath to Death [P, H]

Level 7 (12)
Banishment [P, H]
Control Undead [P, H]
Finger of Death [P, H]
Greater Teleport [P, H]
Hold Person, Mass [P, H]
Invisibility, Mass [P, H]
Power Word: Blind [P, H]
Prismatic Spray [H]
Protection from Elements, Mass [H]
Summon Monster VII [P, H]
Symbol of Stunning [P, H]
Waves of Exhaustion [P, H]

Portable Hole Only Spells:

Level 1

Master's Touch

Level 3
Halt Undead

Level 5
Prismatic Ray
Protection from Elements

Level 7
Prismatic Spray
Protection from Elements, Mass

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Re: Complete list of Vendor Scroll Purchase Locations

Post  Guest on Sun May 20, 2012 12:37 am

I would sell Guild Hobbits to the slave trade for a nickle a hairball to get D-Door on that list. Just sayin'...


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