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Helf Sorc, First Life w/32pt, Pally Dilly

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Helf Sorc, First Life w/32pt, Pally Dilly

Post  Swiftcleave on Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:24 pm

Ok, interesting build here. Lots of things I'm not sure about, so constructive comments on the build are appreciated. First life, but 32pt build. Helf is the chosen race for this build. Going with Paladin Dilletante for the saves.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 03.14.02
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Helf Sorc 32pt Pally Dill
Level 20 True Neutral Half-Elf Female
(20 Sorcerer)
Hit Points: 232
Spell Points: 2148
BAB: 10\10\15\20
Fortitude: 12
Reflex: 7
Will: 13

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Abilities Base Stats Modified Stats
(32 Point) (Level 1) (Level 20)

Strength 12 12
Dexterity 8 8
Constitution 16 18
Intelligence 10 10
Wisdom 8 8
Charisma 18 24

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Skills Modified Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 20)

Balance -1 -1
Bluff 4 8
Concentration 7 27
Diplomacy 4 7
Disable Device n/a n/a
Haggle 4 7
Heal -1 -1
Hide -1 -1
Intimidate 4 7
Jump 3 12
Listen -1 -1
Move Silently -1 -1
Open Lock n/a n/a
Perform n/a n/a
Repair 0 0
Search 0 0
Spot -1 -1
Swim 1 7
Tumble n/a n/a
Use Magic Device n/a n/a

Level 1 (Sorcerer)
Feat: (Half-Elf Dilettante) Half-Elf Dilettante: Paladin
Feat: (Selected) Toughness
Enhancement: Frost Manipulation I
Enhancement: Sorcerer Energy of the Dragonblooded I

Level 2 (Sorcerer)
Enhancement: Human Improved Recovery I
Enhancement: Glacial Spellcasting I
Enhancement: Force Manipulation I
Enhancement: Sorcerer Charisma I

Level 3 (Sorcerer)
Feat: (Selected) Spell Focus: Evocation
Enhancement: Racial Toughness I
Enhancement: Kinetic Spellcasting I
Enhancement: Deadly Ice I
Enhancement: Frost Manipulation II

Level 4 (Sorcerer)
Ability Raise: CHA
Enhancement: Deadly Kinetics I
Enhancement: Force Manipulation II
Enhancement: Sorcerer Subtle Spellcasting I

Level 5 (Sorcerer)
Enhancement: Glacial Spellcasting II
Enhancement: Frost Manipulation III
Enhancement: Sorcerer Energy of the Dragonblooded II

Level 6 (Sorcerer)
Feat: (Selected) Maximize Spell
Enhancement: Sorcerer Water Savant I

Level 7 (Sorcerer)
Enhancement: Human Adaptability Charisma I
Enhancement: Deadly Ice II
Enhancement: Frost Manipulation IV
Enhancement: Force Manipulation III

Level 8 (Sorcerer)
Ability Raise: CHA
Enhancement: Racial Toughness II
Enhancement: Glacial Spellcasting III
Enhancement: Force Manipulation IV

Level 9 (Sorcerer)
Feat: (Selected) Heighten Spell
Enhancement: Deadly Ice III
Enhancement: Frost Manipulation V
Enhancement: Sorcerer Subtle Spellcasting II

Level 10 (Sorcerer)
Enhancement: Force Manipulation V
Enhancement: Sorcerer Energy of the Dragonblooded III

Level 11 (Sorcerer)
Enhancement: Glacial Spellcasting IV
Enhancement: Kinetic Spellcasting II
Enhancement: Kinetic Spellcasting III
Enhancement: Frost Manipulation VI

Level 12 (Sorcerer)
Ability Raise: CON
Feat: (Selected) Greater Spell Focus: Evocation
Enhancement: Improved Paladin Dilettante I
Enhancement: Sorcerer Water Savant II
Enhancement: Deadly Ice IV

Level 13 (Sorcerer)
Enhancement: Human Greater Adaptability Constitution I

Level 14 (Sorcerer)
Enhancement: Improved Paladin Dilettante II
Enhancement: Sorcerer Improved Maximizing I

Level 15 (Sorcerer)
Feat: (Selected) Mental Toughness
Enhancement: Sorcerer Improved Maximizing II

Level 16 (Sorcerer)
Ability Raise: CHA
Enhancement: Glacial Spellcasting V
Enhancement: Deadly Ice V
Enhancement: Frost Manipulation VII
Enhancement: Force Manipulation VI

Level 17 (Sorcerer)
Enhancement: Improved Paladin Dilettante III
Enhancement: Glacial Spellcasting VI

Level 18 (Sorcerer)
Feat: (Selected) Quicken Spell
Enhancement: Sorcerer Water Savant III
Enhancement: Deadly Ice VI
Enhancement: Force Manipulation VII

Level 19 (Sorcerer)
Enhancement: Racial Toughness III
Enhancement: Deadly Kinetics II

Level 20 (Sorcerer)
Ability Raise: CHA
Enhancement: Sorcerer Bloodline of Power
Enhancement: Kinetic Spellcasting IV
Enhancement: Deadly Kinetics III

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