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Post  johngilligan on Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:57 pm

Hello to all!

I have decided to apply after reading Aandres post on the Official Neverwinter forums.

1. What you like and dislike about our guild rules. I like the NO DRAMA. Leave that to TNT because they know drama. Guild first is a given for me.

2. What you expect from a guild. Good fun and conversation, be it chat/voice chat, completing content, dungeons, foundries, GG. Help when needed.

3. What a guild can expect from you. I am an active player and am on 5-6 nights per week. 5PM until whenever EST time. I will run content, I am never more than a TELL away from helping someone, whether its for help in Sharandar, Dread Ring, GG, Foundry. The guild can also expect a player that does his best.

My forum name, johgilligan, is a combination of a couple of my characters names. I have four level 60 characters.
John Rain, TR
Tanith Rain, DC
Gilligan, CW
Allavona, HR

I guess John would be considered my main, but I do play them all equally.
my in-game handle is @tornnomar so please feel free to look me up in game with questions or anything else that you may need.

4. If already in game what your @handle is. and time frame in EDT that you are normally on. ( so I can look for you in game to chat )

5. Any questions you may have for us.


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