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Luphilie's Application

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Luphilie's Application

Post  Luphilie on Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:14 pm

1. What is your @handle and when is a good time to contact you?

@Hoshiharetsu (Note though: I did get an invite)

2. What type of MMO experience do you have? If none, explain your interest in this MMO, please. (No experience required)

My very first MMO was EverQuest, and I started during the Rise of Kunark Expanion. I did continue through MMOs including EverQuest 2 (I still do dabble, love the decorating system in there), WoW (Did raid, but just can't keep the schedule anymore), Rift, Neverwinter Night, and currently also playing Landmark to build and decorate.

3. Which Elder Scrolls game is your favorite? And why?

I never actually beat any of the Elder Scrolls Games; however, I have played Morrowind the most in depth. I always enjoyed the exploration aspect of the games and am already excited I have that option in the MMO; however, it causes me to get sidetracked easily and looting barrels and butterflies all evening is just as fun as slaying a dragon to me Razz

4. What do you expect from the guild?

I'd like a fun and mature environment. That it's ok after an 8-12 hour day if I log in and chat and collect or fish or craft. A place where I don't have pressure to be logging in everyday for X hours a day to have to keep up and get best in slot gear. Also chatting and communications are also a huge plus, since having friends can make the game more fun imo!

5. What can the guild expect from you?

Always up for chatting and am happy to help out when I can. I immensely enjoy crafting and researching, along with the material gatherings and achievements. When playing with guildies I will always try to bring my 'A' game and help when I can. However in that vein I'm just not the min/max player I was in EQ, WoW, etc. I'm always open to suggestion to improve though, and I do not like to be the player that isn't contributing to a group.

6. After familiarizing yourself with the guild rules and regulations, have you found any rules with which you may have concerns? (Please note: some rules are game specific.)

Nope, everything looks good and I agree with it!


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Re: Luphilie's Application

Post  Rhoric on Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:11 pm

Welcome to Tyrs Paladium. That is one thing you will never have to worry about, we don't demand that members play a certain number hours a day. You play when you can as most players here have families.

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