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Doctahg App

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Doctahg App

Post  Doctahg on Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:30 am

Hi all,
Had seen you recruitment post in the ESO forums and it sounds like a potentially great fit!
I am looking for a guild with a lot of EDT players, who are more *mature* gamers vs very heavy teenagers. Not that I have an issue with teens, as I have had very few issues with them in previous guilds or games, but I probably have more in common with the 20-50 age group. Hearing that this guild has a lot of older players is a good thing, but these player being SOLID people is more important-would rather have 20 16 yo's that are good teammates than 20 older players who are not!
That having been said my handle is Doctahg.
Am from Massachusetts. I play usually early to late evenings, do not work on Wed so Tuesdays are good late night event nights for me. Fri/sat nights are good as well.
I am 54..thus the look for some older players. I am married with triplets boys who are 10...yes..sick a lot of work there, plus I am a Dentist so ..lot of work there as well! Wink
Been gaming since I got a Mac back in the 80's. Love MMO's but the endgame situations can bug me a lot. Have been in a few guild over the years. Still am in one, but I do not want to play ESO with them-it's just time for a change, time to meet some new people with possibly different outlooks on gameplay.
I like to help people in game, and enjoy grouping, but like to do a lot of solo play on quests. This is most likely due to the people I have played with the last couple of years. Sometimes I find it easier to bang out the shorter quests solo than in a group, but that isn't set in stone.
Favorite MMo game was LOTRO. Gave up on it last year as I got a bit bored with it, but the guild I am still in had a tremendous Lotro team. Those people are the reason I am still in the guild. Downfall started with SWTOR. Lots of younger new players who took over-and the dominate issue was gear/endgame and grouping with friends vs helping others. Last game was FF14..and again..gear/endgame..just didn't want to deal with it. While I like to play with friends too, I feel there is a responsibility for higher level guildies to help, not ALL the time, the lower levels, in order for them to get geared out too. But it's always about gear, maybe giving up a couple hours to help others etc..that were issues.

I am rambling..sorry! Just looking for a good bunch of mature..more in personality than age...that like to play together, have fun together, and make you want to login and just say hello how was your day. When people enjoy each others company it has made for much better online gameplay.

Looking forward to meeting you all and having some fun!


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Re: Doctahg App

Post  Rhoric on Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:59 pm

Greetings and welcome to Tyrs Paladium. Here is Tyrs we like to help and it isn't about the endgame cause we get there when we get there as there is no rush. Paks the Guild co-founder who is the guild leader for the DDO side, she also plays in Neverwinter as a player. She needed a pair of boots for a character that only dropped in one dungeon. A group of our other guildies would run with her in that dungeon so she could try and get those boots. And they had fun doing it even if they died. It is all about the fun here.

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