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Recruitment Request (Long Read)

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Recruitment Request (Long Read) Empty Recruitment Request (Long Read)

Post  Hafthar Shieldheart on Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:17 am

Hail, fair Nobles! And Well Met! I commonly go by the name of C-Dub or C-DubTate online. But the rules said to use the name of one of your characters and I like to roleplay with my character names. So....

Hafthar is my name. Of the Shieldheart clan. I have come in search of heroic companions who are brave enough to face utmost fearsome dangers. Those who are not but one single chain link, but a finely woven maille that when working together, can stop even the mightiest of blows. When I came across Tyrs Paladium I knew I had found such heroes. I am here to offer my sword and shield and blood in return for the same loyalty and kinsman-ship that I will exhibit on our adventures. What say you?

Some more about me as a player:
Im 30 yrs old. Been a gamer my whole life. Love MORPGs. Played a ton of Ultima Online as a kid and went from there. A little Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft. Played a lot of the Elder Scrolls Series. Loved those games! Wish I had a PC to handle ESO Sad I played a little DDO last year and liked it alot. I am quite the newb to the D&D mechanics tho so Neverwinter is a little less overwhelming with all the options and cross-classing and whatnot. Im starting to get the hang of the mechanics and once I get it all down then maybe Ill play more DDO.

I was always cursed with crappy internet service due to living out in the country, which is why I didnt play a whole lot more of the MORPGs mentioned above. But I have recently moved into town and have DSL now and games are a lot more fun. I do have a PS3 and play a couple games on there from time to time as well as a few other hobbies I like to partake in. But that being said, I assure you gaming is a passion of mine, second only to my family. And I can play NW while the wife and kids watch Netflix, keeping us all happy Smile

My playstyle:
I dig all classes and hate that I can only make 2 characters. Hafthar is a LvL 10 Human Protection Fighter. Ive only ever ran solo but I kinda try to be more carefull that way and pick my battles more wisely and plan them out before I execute. Same goes with my other character who is a LvL 14 (I think) Elf Hunter Ranger. These are my two favorite classes (cant decide which lol). I played a bit of WOW and DDO with friends that worked well as a team and know all about the Leroy Jenkins style zerging or whatever its called when you rush in grabbing too much agro and getting your party wiped. Dumb. Not me. Im cool recruit me Smile

If you got anymore questions Ill answer them. Thanks!

Hafthar Shieldheart

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Recruitment Request (Long Read) Empty Re: Recruitment Request (Long Read)

Post  Guest on Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:08 pm

Hail and well met !

You have a PM from me to further things along.

From reading your post I feel you are certainly a nice fit.


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