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Looking for DDO guild

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Looking for DDO guild

Post  Rhapo on Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:44 am

1) Are you at least 30 years of age (exceptions may be made for those younger, on a case by case basis, so just be honest!)
Yep, 37.

2) If you have a forum name on the official DDO forums, please provide it.
I don't.

3) How would you best describe your playstyle while in party with others?      
It depends on the party. In the past I have been a follower and a leader about equally.

4) Why would you like to join Tyrs Paladium?
Looking for a friendly guild which isn't focused mainly on end game (journey before destination).

5) What are your expectations as a member of Tyrs Paladium?
More opportunities to find groups or chat about DDO.

6) Please tell us a little about yourself and your prior gaming experience.
I started off with MUDs about 20 yrs ago. I also enjoyed many of the bioware RPG games. I started playing MMOs around 5 yrs ago. Enjoyed leveling up on SWTOR, GW2 and WOW but then in each case lost interest within a few weeks or months of getting to level cap.

7) Briefly describe your most memorable moment while gaming.
Boardgame:  Battlestar Galactica - Winning for the cylons on first turn.
CRPG: KOTOR - the plot twist.
MMO: 3 of us clearing 27 person raid up to the final boss. Then we hit boss once, and get wiped by aoe. Come back, hit the boss a second time, get wiped by aoe. Repeat another 8 times, boss is still full hp, but now friend has done enough damage to specific boss that they can level up.

8) How did you hear about Tyrs Paladium?
DDO Forums.

9) Do you agree to abide by our Guild Rules?

10) List any other significant information here to be considered.
Returning player, last played around 3 or 4 yrs ago, when level cap was 20.


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Post  Skorpeon on Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:55 am

Hi , this sounds good to me, hope we get to welcome you very soon

Old father Tym

Tymout lvl 23 Fighter/Monk/Pali (3rd life) (working on epic destinies)
Tymkul lvl 23 Ranger/rogue/fighter (2nd life) working towards Shuricannon build for next life (leaving rouge behind or maybe not?)
Tymbom lvl 12 monk
Tymantha lvl 12 bard (back to being a pretty mule for a bit)

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Re: Looking for DDO guild

Post  Commodore on Sat Jun 28, 2014 3:21 am

Hi Rhapo! Sorry been quite busy, just getting around to your application. I absolutely love it. We would love to have you join our ranks!

Welcome to Tyrs Paladium Rhapo!  Cleave 

Aandre (Fighter) - Mississippee (Spellsinger) - Gharrick (Warchanter) - Miinsc (Artificer) - Dogfaced (Intimitank) - Comodore (Ranger) - Corkee (Monk) - Joltin (Ranger) - Loca (Rogue) - LeslieWest (Fighter) - Frobozz (Wizard) - RicFlair (Cleric) - Pappalardi (Paladin) - Govvanon (Druid) - VicTwenty (Fighter) - Hyperiion (FvS).
Tyrs High Council - Tyrs DDO Chapter Guild Second/Co-Founder - Tyrs Webmaster and Recruiter
Tyrs High Council - Tyrs DDO Chapter Guild Second/Co-Founder - Tyrs Webmaster and Recruiter

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Re: Looking for DDO guild

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