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DDO Application

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DDO Application

Post  Heathcoat on Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:30 pm


I would like to apply for Tyrs DDO chapter. I started playing DDO in April of 2006 and over the 8 years have taken an 8 month hiatus and a year hiatus in that time. This gives me about 6 1/2 years of actual playtime in DDO. I started on the Lhazaar server and was a member of THAC0 in the early 'subscription only' times of DDO. I am well experienced in most of the DDO content with the exception of much of the Forgotten Realms additions, for which I am a relative newbie. I enjoy building characters much more than having finished ones. The last couple of years I have been in guilds that are mostly just ship conglomerates, rarely interacting or questing within the guild. I am looking for a much more interactive guild that I can group with and BS with in chat. I like to incorporate teamwork in groups and do not consider myself a zerger at all. However, I also prefer to be in groups that are focused and move along as if there is a purpose. I guess I might classify myself as a group zerger in that regard. Usually prioritize actions based on quest. Some side bosses and chests are worth it, some aren't. Above all I work with the team I am part of as a unit regardless of how I might run a quest were I solo.

I have exchanged some private messages with Leslie West concerning Tyrs membership, and was told through DDO mail by Commodore to submit this application so here I am. My Main character is named Amracil and can be found on Ghallanda on this character daily. Cheers!


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Re: DDO Application

Post  willi on Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:51 am

Amracil, I must apologise for not replying to you last evening, your tell came through just as I was logging off..nothing personal!Smile Have you filled in the Guild questionnaire? if not have a look and then bang a copy off . keep an eye out for my characters, and try saying Hi again:)

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Re: DDO Application

Post  Commodore on Mon Jul 14, 2014 9:00 am

Thank you Heathcoat for seeking out Tyrs Paladium!

It sounds like we could be a good fit for you. We have a very unique model for a guild, one that attracts both green and highly experienced players alike, and allows all to have a great time playing DDO together.

As you can tell from our guild rules, we have a very strict no zerg policy. Amazingly to some, is how well it works for our guildies. We have a motto: Leave no guildie behind. That being said, if the party lead and all others agree to a speed, have at Smile As long as you stay within those parameters, you'll be fine in Tyrs eyes.

I've played nonstop since alpha. Been playing a long long time. I've built every class in the game and can't tell you how many build's I've built, played or helped people build over the years... always open to talk build strategy! When it comes to monks however, we got the master, Syncletica. I think he's spent more years in monk garb than I've got hairs on my head! Wink

We are a fun, organized guild, and never have a shortage of top tier personalities that log in to run with every night. This is a guild that a veteran DDO player can really contribute, feel like they fit in, and more-so feel you've accomplished something special with your friends and guildies. Before long you'll realize EVERYONE matters here. When I say everyone knows everybody here, I mean it. Camaraderie starts from Day One here, no bullshit.

After you read the guild rules, if you think they are fair, and feel like this would be a fun place, let me know and we'll get you right in!

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Tyrs High Council - Tyrs DDO Chapter Guild Second/Co-Founder - Tyrs Webmaster and Recruiter

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Re: DDO Application

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