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Application - @dueydoodah

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Application - @dueydoodah Empty Application - @dueydoodah

Post  dueydoodah on Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:52 pm

Hi Everyone,

My name is Will and I'm hoping you'll bring me in as one of the team. I'm 62 years old, my handle or display name is @dueydoodah, and I agree to abide by the guild rules. Those rules are exactly what drew me to this team.

I like to band with a group to quest, taking my time to look around and discover. I'll go along with a group's leader and, lacking one, with group choice. I was a leader in the Navy, and I'm a leader at work. I like the change of pace - it takes away a lot of stress. For instances, I normally take a ranged dps role. I have tried healing and tanking, but the groups I've been with were too critical and took the enjoyment out of playing. One other thing I like is contributing to a group if I have information I think might be valuable, or if a newer person needs help.

Like I stated above, I think I'd be a good fit with Tyrs Paladium as the guild rules fit me so well. Also, it sounds like there are many in the group that fit my age group and values better than most.

Dailies are fun and I love doing them. It would be even more fun to be able to group with people I've come to know. Just know that I start off quiet in a group, but am quite talkative after getting comfortable with my surroundings.

I grew up play RPGs. I played some D&D with my first wife and some friends for about 3 years. One of my favorite PC games was Thieves Guild. An oldie, I know. I have been an ardent player of WoW for the past few years but my friends in the guild I belonged to kinda fell apart as others lost interest. I still play but have slowed way down since I started playing Neverwinter. I was also on the ES open beta.

I have many memorable moments in gaming but nothing beats that first time playing something great. I just relish the anticipation of discovery of something new, then learning each new feature of the game. I also remember my first venture into multi-player gaming. That was incredible. It was something a friend and I talked about before online gaming became a reality.

I actually never heard about Tyrs Paladium. I found it through searching the Neverwinter forums.

As for chat, it goes along with my note above about a slow starter. I do enjoy chatting although my typing is attrocious. You'd never know I've owned computers since Tandy's TRS Model III and that I am a technology manager. I'm definately better using a voice tool such as TS or Vent.

I hope my rambling does not take you too much time to wade through, and if you have any questions, please shoot me a note.

I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your consideration,

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Application - @dueydoodah Empty Re: Application - @dueydoodah

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:10 pm

Brilliant !
Your age is going to fit right in we have many in your age group !

The rest of your post fits exactly as our guild desires!
Welcome to Tyrs Paladium !
If you would please head into the neverwinter section and post an intro, also please add characters you wish to include in game in the spreadsheet.


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