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dethbloe app

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dethbloe app

Post  dethbloe on Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:56 pm

1) 29 years old married 1 kid

2) no forum name yet

3) always been a fan of DnD just coming back after long break

4) looking for a new player friendly guild even if i have lvl 20 chars its been a long time

5) have fun and quest

6) I have always been a gamer starting with UO and starcraft. I do alot of alpha and beta testing. Currently testing Archeage and beta'd ESO. Played Eve online for nearly 10 years. Just a all around gamer when time allows me

7) Most memorable moment in gaming would have to be in UO i was ranked 9th in PVP on one of its servers was pretty cool achievement.

8) DDO Forums

9) yes

10) good team player just looking for a guild to answer questions when i cant find answer and some questing buddies


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