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Post  Misery on Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:28 pm


1) I am 20 Razz
2)"vasdamas" is my forum name but it is not my nickname actually. At first it was my BF's account that lead me to the game. My ingame handles is @rynegrothexplorer
3) >.>
What is play style? O_o Addapting to the situation I guess. I just pug a lot and addapt to the people I am playing with.
4) Probably because I want to be in a friendly guild once again. The guild that doesn't PvP and has no drama about that. I used to PvP a lot but after I realized that it's influence corrupts my behavior - I left it. Besides in Neverwinter PvP is pretty much screwed :/
I also have some storage guild that used to be tiefling-only guild and I even had some very loyal now good geared players in it which I picked up when they were no more than green/blue geared pugs. But some of them went to the other games after some frustration caused by Neverwinter and the rest got banned for some duping stuff (I won't go deeper into details)
5) I often AFK during dailies and prefer doing those alone. But I am always up to help any DC/GF or lowe geared player with daily lairs in DR/Sharandar or ToD (biggrin in IWD too) Razz
6) My name is Eliza, I am half russian, have been living in Lithuania for 8 years and then moved to russian federation where I am now (hopefully will move abroad after I graduate). The rest I'd like to keep with myself Smile
Neverwinter is my first MMO, had no other MMO gaming experience besides some single player DnD game maybe like BG and Neverwinter.
7) At the moment I can only remember about two moments. The brightest one and the most annoying one. The first memorable (brightest) moment was when I ran Gauntlgrym for the first time, I was really excited about that event and participated in all it's activities.
The 2nd one, probably the most negative I ever had so far, has happened recently when I lost 200$ mount while stocking up with shards for x2 refinement and support refused to recover it even though it has happened due to their fault. Oh well, no positive feedback about neverwinter any more. I'll get over that I hope
There were a lot of others bright and dark moments in my gaming, I just can't remember them all right now Razz
8) Posted a thread on forums and then Aandreth contacted me Razz I also seen it's title popping up in 5vs5 domination sometimes and I guess Ambi is a member of your guild too?
9) Read it carefully, found nothing I would not agree with Smile
10) I used to like chatting and visiting the forums but as I switched to Per Use Internet it became a problem (neverwinter is not free for me at all - . -). Besides all the free time out of work and college I have I devote to gaming and domestic activities. I semi afk in game very often.


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Post  Commodore on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:05 am

Hello Misery. Thanks for applying to Tyrs Paladium. Please check your email.

Aandre (Fighter) - Mississippee (Spellsinger) - Gharrick (Warchanter) - Miinsc (Artificer) - Dogfaced (Intimitank) - Comodore (Ranger) - Corkee (Monk) - Joltin (Ranger) - Loca (Rogue) - LeslieWest (Fighter) - Frobozz (Wizard) - RicFlair (Cleric) - Pappalardi (Paladin) - Govvanon (Druid) - VicTwenty (Fighter) - Hyperiion (FvS).
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Tyrs High Council - Tyrs DDO Chapter Guild Second/Co-Founder - Tyrs Webmaster and Recruiter

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