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Application for Sandolphan@Laladen

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Application for Sandolphan@Laladen Empty Application for Sandolphan@Laladen

Post  @Laladen on Sat Sep 06, 2014 4:38 pm

1) Are you at least 30 years of age (exceptions may be made for those younger, on a case by case basis, so just be honest!) 41---Birthday is in 3 weeks =(

2) If you have a forum name on the official Neverwinter forums, then please provide it. What is your @hanndle in game? @Laladen

3) How would you best describe your playstyle while in party with others? I highly prefer to run as the following roles, in order of preference (in any mmo or table top RP type game): Support, Healer, Tank, DPS. Some games mix the roles up a bit, and some roles are sort of missing from others. In Neverwinter I prefer a buffy/debuffy cleric or a CC/debuffy type control wizard. Looking forward someday to trying out a Temptation speced Warlock for fun =)

4) Why would you like to join Tyrs Paladium?

Your my people! Its in general the right age range for me. I also gather that your all table top RP game enthusiasts which I am as well. I also like that you cover multiple games.

5) How do you feel about grouping in game for dailies and or HEs in IWD?

Please...I hate hate hate soloing...Which is why I tend to run support style characters =)

6) Please tell us a little about yourself and your prior gaming experience.

Outside of the internet world:

Dungeon & Dragons from the original boxed sets to 2nd edi-to about 3.5 edition.
Call of Cthulhu, Nephilim, Middle Earth RP, Warhammer and WH 40k, Magic the gathering from 1992-2000 ish? (missed the first ever pro tour by 1 place) Legend of the 5 Rings (was at Gen Con for the first world Tourny, took 16th overall if i remember correctly, had several articles & decks listed in magazines and helped to author an early strategy book on the game)

Internet world:

Everquest 1: 1998-204 ish. Shortly after Gates of Discord released. Finished all end game content to that point including VT, VP, PoT (Can't believe i had the time for that all back then, I remember a 36 hour VT raid once...)
Everquest 2 for a year or so
World of Warcraft to about the end of WoTLK, all end game content except the Sunwell =(
Call of Heroes, LOTRO (still play occasionally, has really great support classes), Final Fantasy XI & XIV (Still play XIV a bit, getting to be to grindy as far as raids are concerned), Guild Wars 2 (still play occasionally), ESO (was in Alpha, Beta & the Psijic Order of testers, had a dedicated 24/7 server open at all times during alpha & beta. I am willing to give this another go in the future, the combat was so boring that I couldn't keep playing)
Beta testing Neverwinter and about a month after release ( I rocketed to 60 so fast I was burnt out. Now I am back enjoying the game as it was meant to be absorbed. I am learning to write Foundries, I am grouping with Skirmishes & Dungeons. Then going back and running quest hubs while slightly overleveled so it goes a bit faster since I hate soloing =P, this game is by far soaking up the majority of my gaming time.

I am also a fanatic for 4x games(eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) Such as the Civilization series, Age of Wonders series, Fallen Enchantress-Legendary Heroes, Endless Space/Legend (Early access/beta testing for that)

7) Briefly describe your most memorable moment while gaming.

Server first in Everquest 1 beating the Rathe Council in the planes of power expansion. I played a bard in EQ1 and I played a large role on that fight. It was a great accomplishment!

8) How did you hear about Tyrs Paladium?

Surfing the forums looking for a good fit. Was immediately drawn to your guild however I noticed that recruitment was closed. So I posted a thread of my own and Andre answered it =)

9) Do you agree to abide by our Guild Rules?

Yes I do!

10) How do you feel about participating in guild chat in the game, and the forums outside of game?

I am very active on in-game chat and on forums. I tend to write guides and start events via forums often. I will say that I am not a big advocate of voice chat. I often have things going on here at my house or am chatting with someone here, wife or whoever that I tend not to loiter on voice chat. I understand sometimes it is necessary for some events and if I am unable to be on voice com, I won't sign up for those events.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone in game!


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Application for Sandolphan@Laladen Empty Re: Application for Sandolphan@Laladen

Post  Commodore on Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:35 pm

Hey Sandolphan!

Thank you for seeking out Tyrs Paladium. We're about to lift the recruitment blackout period  in a few days. Regardless, I'll make an exception when I see a solid fit.

Welcome to Tyrs Paladium!


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Tyrs High Council - Tyrs DDO Chapter Guild Second/Co-Founder - Tyrs Webmaster and Recruiter

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Application for Sandolphan@Laladen Empty Re: Application for Sandolphan@Laladen

Post  Shimmy on Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:31 am

Welcome to the Tyrs Paladium family!! See you ingame.
Tyrs Neverwinter Chapter Archduke
Tyrs Neverwinter Chapter Archduke

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Application for Sandolphan@Laladen Empty Re: Application for Sandolphan@Laladen

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