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DDO Application - VESSK

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DDO Application - VESSK Empty DDO Application - VESSK

Post  Vessk on Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:10 pm

1) Are you at least 30 years of age (exceptions may be made for those younger, on a case by case basis, so just be honest!)

Yes! I am exactly 30 years of age.

2) If you have a forum name on the official DDO forums, please provide it.

I do not.

3) How would you best describe your playstyle while in party with others?  

I enjoy playing with others in party, I am not a complete soloist. I put others before myself, really only taking loot if others don't want it for whatever reason. I listen, do my best, and have fun.    

4) Why would you like to join Tyrs Paladium?

I would like to join a group of people that are around my age, like to have fun in the games that they are playing, and do so drama free.

5) What are your expectations as a member of Tyrs Paladium?

I want to have fun and get to know everyone. To get answers to questions that I might have, as I am new to the game, to in turn learn the game better and help future newbies with the knowledge that I have gained through the membership.

6) Please tell us a little about yourself and your prior gaming experience.

I am a 30 Year old guy from Alberta Canada who loves to MMO. I am currently on long term disability from a job I love, and am working to return to in the near future. I have played many MMO's the most recent being WURM online, FFXIV, Tera, and Everquest 2.

7) Briefly describe your most memorable moment while gaming.

Final Fantasy 7 - Final Sephiroth Battle.

8) How did you hear about Tyrs Paladium?

Official DDO Forums

9) Do you agree to abide by our Guild Rules?

Yes I do.

10) List any other significant information here to be considered.

Playtime varies, from mornings to late evenings. Depends what is going on and what appointments I have


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DDO Application - VESSK Empty Re: DDO Application - VESSK

Post  Commodore on Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:30 am

Hello Vessk! All sounds good. Welcome to Tyrs Paladium! Smile

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Tyrs High Council - Tyrs DDO Chapter Guild Second/Co-Founder - Tyrs Webmaster and Recruiter

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