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Application Overdrive@Imabustface

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Application Overdrive@Imabustface Empty Application Overdrive@Imabustface

Post  Overdrive on Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:37 pm

1. I am 25 years old

2. @Imabustface

3. My only party experience is with my roommate on an alt char. basically i do my best to keep him alive. I'm not overly selfish/greedy, and unless time doesn't allow i tend to try to full clear most dungeons.

4. I've gotten to level 40 going solo and i'm beginning to realize this game was meant for party/guild involvement past this point so i started hunting for a guild. Your guys site/description seemed legit and active.

5. not sure what HWe/IWD is but (i guessing something and Icewind dale, which are lv 60 jazz... i'm 40 XD (hunter/ranger btw)) Yeah i'd totally be down for doing dailies, that seems to be what the game is based around in events and basically anything at higher levels.

6. Gaming wise, uhhh mostly PC, when i was younger i was really into RTS games (AoE, C&C ect), after that i've played a few mmo's (dragon nest, LORTO) but didn't like the overall feel. The main game i play is League of Legends, mostly because i have several RL friends who play and i enjoy the action rts. I really dig neverwinter because of the action feel.

7. Most memorable moment? uhhh probably getting 2 kills with one varus arrow in league of legends, I've managed to do so twice in the 2 years I've played the game. other than that, busting out DK64 all hours of the night with my cousin, or screwing around on Desert Storm for the game cube with 3 other friends.

8. The find guild menu

9. Yes I agree, they make sense.

10. I will totally use guild chat in game, in the forums, not as much but I will probably check it from time to time, depends on how much the guild uses them Razz

Thanks for your consideration


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Application Overdrive@Imabustface Empty Re: Application Overdrive@Imabustface

Post  Commodore on Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:21 am

Thank you Overdrive for filling out a questionnaire for Tyrs Paladium. We are going to respectfully pass at this time.

I definitely recommend that you check out The GUILD DIRECTORY of Neverwinter on the official Neverwinter Forums in the Guild Recruitment section.

Good luck in your Neverwinter adventures!

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Tyrs High Council - Tyrs DDO Chapter Guild Second/Co-Founder - Tyrs Webmaster and Recruiter

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