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DDO Application - Toanstation

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DDO Application - Toanstation Empty DDO Application - Toanstation

Post  Toanstation on Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:43 pm

1) Are you at least 30 years of age (exceptions may be made for those younger, on a case by case basis, so just be honest!)

I'm 47 years old.

2) If you have a forum name on the official DDO forums, please provide it.

I'm Toanstation on the DDO forums.

3) How would you best describe your playstyle while in party with others?

I play the game to have fun, but I'll admit, I do like to have a sense of success. As a result, I'm usually pretty willing to fill a role if it's needed (and assuming I have a character to fill it). After all, DDO is a game that rewards having a balanced party. That being said though, I don't measure success in how fast we run a quest or not having any deaths... it's more that lack of beating your head against a wall. Make sense?

4) Why would you like to join Tyrs Paladium?

I've come back to DDO again, and having a guild in an MMO makes the game, especially an older, not-as-mainstream one, feel less empty. I came across your post on the Recruitment forum, and it jumped out as a good fit. I like the lack of drama. I also like the sense of community you promote while emphasizing real life come first. I also like the "no one left behind" policy, so I don't have to worry about a request for help with a quest to be verteran-imposed zerg.

5) What are your expectations as a member of Tyrs Paladium?

I expect to be part of a communal group that enjoys playing the game. I expect a social environment with opportunities to help where I can, and to receive help it's available and needed.

6) Please tell us a little about yourself and your prior gaming experience.

I'm a web developer for a Philadelphia-area branding/advertising agency. I'm married and have a 4-year-old son (hence the appeal of "real life first"). I've been playing tabletop RPGs since I was 13 (yep, started with red box Basic D&D). I love all genres of RPGs except for horror and modern (they just don't appeal to me). My first computer was a C64 (the current scroll across top as I fill this out is ironic), and Ultima III drew me into a computer RPGs. I like a wide variety of computer games: RPGs, strategy games, simulations and MMOs among the top.

My first MMO was EVE Online about 6 years ago, where I spent a majority of my time as a low-sec pirate, but an honorable one (I also had my fill a drama-filled RP there). With the impending birth of my son, I realized that the EVE playstyle (especially low-/null-sec play) was not a good fit, and stopped playing EVE. After things stabilized (well, as much as an infant allowed), I went back to MMOs with DDO and LOTRO. Over the last 4 years or so, I've played several different MMOs, including EverQuest 2, Star Trek Online, RIFT and Champions. DDO is one of the games I keep coming back to.

7) Briefly describe your most memorable moment while gaming.

I was running a Final Fantasy-styled tabletop game. Magic in the world was nowhere near the power of what it used to be, and they were attempting to restore it. All they knew was that the magic had died when the Great War had ended. I had a PC that was a swordmaster and bore a striking resemblance to the long-dead personal bodyguard of the empress who ended the war. As the game progressed, the player, and the rest of the group, suspected that the swordmaster was quite possibly the resurrected bodyguard. They eventually decided to visit the bodyguard's tomb and check. They had a sarcophagus uncovered and were about to open it. The player looked at me and said that she honestly could not tell me if she wanted to find a body in there or not.

8) How did you hear about Tyrs Paladium?

The recruitment thread on the DDO forum.

9) Do you agree to abide by our Guild Rules?

Of course.

10) List any other significant information here to be considered.

I'm mature, level-headed and looking to enjoy the game in a social atmosphere. I don't think you can find a better fit than that. Also, I understand that you get out of a guild exactly what you put into it.


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DDO Application - Toanstation Empty Re: DDO Application - Toanstation

Post  Paks on Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:53 pm

Everything sounds good! I think you will be a great fit here in Tyrs, welcome aboard!

When you've got time, please fill out a 'Roster and Recruitment' post, just so we all know who you are, thanks.

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DDO Application - Toanstation S3cwtd
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Tyrs High Council - Tyrs DDO Chapter Guild Leader/Founder - Guild Banker DDO/NWO

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